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Vegan incense

Frankincense and Rose

Frankincense and Rose

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Frankincense and rose has both earthy and sweet tones.


Frankincense and rose incense has been made from using pure frankincense resin and the beautifully sweet oil from rose petals, giving an earthy and beautifully sweet incense sticks. 

The earthy tones of frankincense and the syrupy sweet rose oil have been blended to perfection resulting in this sublime incense. Stress-reducing and relaxing, it's a perfect incense for yoga and meditation. Burn a stick, and let it relax and soothe you.


Sold in biodegradable sleeves


Stick Size – Approx 8 inches

Stick Weight – Each stick weighs slightly over a gram

Burn Time – 40 - 45 mins

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